A cryptic message, a mysterious oracle, the open sea.

In the port city of Yhaunn, the widowed Aunt Marla’s wretched son has incurred an astronomical debt to a merciless and untouchable noble. She will lose everything and be forced into debt slavery, if she does not find a way to repay the impossible debt. But hope is ignited, with the accidentally discovery, in an old navigational journal that belonged to Marla’s deceased seafaring husband, Slorus, of clues that indicate a way to approach elusive Oracle of Sumbar, and hint that this might lead to the legendary lost treasure of the long dead pirate, Immurk the Bold. But the walls have ears in Yhaunn, and soon the adventurers and aunt Marla are being hunted by those who seem to know that Slorus’s possessions may hold valuable secrets.

This adventure is based loosely around “Oracle at Sumbar” by Paul Culotta, AD&D adventure that appeared in Dungeon Magazine (no. 48, pp. 16-30).

Sea of Fallen Stars